shipping a guitar

Please follow these steps to insure your guitar arrives safely


  • You will need to obtain a shipping box from a local guitar shop.
  • The gutar must be shipped in a hard shell case.
  •  A Martin or Taylor shipping box is preferable.
  • Full size guitars require a box measuring 21 x 9 x 48 inches.


1) If you have a pickup in your guitar that is powered with a 9-volt battery, please remove the battery. If your guitar has the Expression System electronics that are powered with 2 AA batteries, please leave them installed while shipping.


2) Detune the guitar one whole step.


3) Remove any loose items from the case


4) Place the guitar in the case


5) It’s a good idea to support the headstock with bubble wrap or balled up newspaper. When doing so make sure the case closes properly.


6) The box is meant to be shipped in the upright position. Line the bottom of the shipping box with at least 4 INCHES of packing material, such as bubble wrap or balled up newspaper (packing peanuts are not considered sufficient packing material by UPS and Fed Ex). Molded plastic or folded cardboard inserts are acceptable.


7) Place your guitar (in its hard case) in the shipping box standing upright and centered in the inner space of the box.


8) Fill the voids around the case with bubble wrap or balled up newspaper. Use enough packing material to insure that the case does not move inside the shipping box.


9) Tape up the box securely at both ends.


10) Ship the package fully insured for the current suggested retail list price of your guitar with case.


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